Port Arthur,Texas



29th st.

pine tree snapped at top hit on my roof

29th lombardy view

hole in roof from pine tree

billboard down hwy 69

electricity box tore off house

pine tree

tornado damage on bitternut

roof tore off building on catalina.st. mary's in background

catalina roof debri


building collapsed in downtown

farmers ins office

lamplighter apts or whatever they are called.Major roof damage.


ariel view of gulfway dr. (central pa) taken from noaa

30 ft oak tree missing soil around the roots.Winds tried to rip it out the ground

ariel of st. mary's, griffing park area. Taken from noaa.

Port of PA

tree down on house on shadowbend



Nuts the cat.survived Rita.

Pine in driveway.



32nd. st by jefferson city

Gas station 25th and stadium. By the high school.

Whats left of sherman williams paint.

5point cu

streetlight in griffing park